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Research and Development Center

The company has a leading technology team, the core team members are from the forefront of domestic lithium battery companies, master rich scientific research and management experience, have a wide range of battery technology background and rich experience in design and manufacturing. Committed to the research and development, production and marketing of lithium ion batteries, lithium battery module PACK and lithium energy storage equipment.

Research Center

Cell R & D Center

       At present, the company has a 1500㎡ R & D center, equipped with perfect R & D equipment. Based on the domestic battery technology frontier, the R & D center has established a technical team with advanced industry experience and innovative spirit, including material and formula development team, product design and development team and verification test analysis team, to ensure the continuous iterative development of products.

Battery R&D

Core R & D Concept

       Guided by basic research, we are committed to unlocking new energy solutions for customers through "optimized electrochemical formula system, cost-effective battery design and systematic professional testing".

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